In collaboration with Hansel Schoulpt and Stanislaw Czarnocki.
Photography Axel Crettenand.

DUO is an urban bike created for Scott Sports. It's a global design of a commuter's bike focused on providing carrying solutions by integrating functionality into the frame.

The wrapping bag is fitted to a custom frame to allow the rider to store belongings on the way. The bag is partially elastic to adjust and fit a jacket within the frame. It also has a waterproof pocket. As it is easy to clip in and out, one can comfortably carry it after parking the bike. The textile rack in the back has a double storing system. In addition to elastic bands to attach bulky objects, it is also equipped with a stretchy textile envelope for smaller objects. ​

The project arises from a collaboration between Scott Sports, known for their high end sport bicycles (mountain and road), and ECAL to develop a new concept for commuter-style city bikes.